Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What is with so many Hispanic-American owned business on Chandler having issues

The first three months of 2008 have not been good for Hispanic-American owned business on Chandler Street East which is between Park Avenue & Main Street.

Today, Alondra CD was busted as a gambling front, on New Years Eve a man was stabbed outside the restaurant at Chandler Street & Mason Street, a few days after this another person was stabbed outside the hair salon in the Chandler Auto Parts building and a few weeks back a brawl took place at El Buen Sabor that ended up with a shooting on Main South by one of the same culprits involved in the brawl.

This stuff is not good for any business on Chandler Street, a business district that has been stygmatized as a place to stay away from for to long and it hurts the "positive quality of life" environment that many of all race and creed are attempting create on and about the neighborhoods of Chandler Street East.

These acts can not be blamed on a "bad hood" because we have many fine business on Chandler Street East that do not have these kind of problems and some are Hispanic-American owned and are equally hurt by this nonsense.