Sunday, April 20, 2008

Jesus Saves and Espo Scores on the Rebound

A real heart breakah tonight folks!

There hasn't been an exciting Boston Bruins - Montreal Canadians 7 game do or die hockey game in a long time..the Bruins haven't show so much in years and tonight they lost 5-0 in Canada..ouch again!!

A great series that finallly brought the B's back onto the Sports Section front page of the local newspapers!!

I was in Peppercorn's on Park Avenue in Worcester the other night getting a bite to eat and it was me and a couple of the same age watching the hockey game and no one was sad to see such a small crowd at the local watering hole watching a Bruins-Les Habitantes hockey game.

The Boston Bruins - Montreal Canadian's rivalry is historic and it was great to see some life brought back to it with some good hockey..I can close my eyes and drift back into the early 70's to remember begging my ole man who wasn't a sport fan to let me stay up to watch those teams that had Bobby Orr, Phil Esposito, Gerry Cheevers, Wayne Cashman, Stan Jonathan, Johnny Bucyk and so many other great Canadian born players playing for my team.

Congratulations to the B's..good series..heart breakah tonight - Les Habitantes got us again!!