Wednesday, April 16, 2008

250lb. Out of Shape Men Should Not Be Running!!

I'm back on the running/physical fitness "Comeback Trail" for the 18th time..Only Muhammad Ali, George Formen, Larry Holmes and Frank Sinatra have had as many comebacks!!

The last "Comeback" was in 2006 when I lost close to 20lbs. real quick and I was running and biking every day training for the "Battle of the Biggies" Duathlon along the Charles River.

The past seven years have been busy for me...I started B.A. Event Promotions in 2001.... moved to Worcester five years ago... ended my real estate property management business four years ago.... started the renovations of my real estate investments two years ago and have been doing everything but working out consistently like I used to for years!

Well now I am back to light running up at Newton Hill & weightlifting...and I hope to get a new bike within two weeks at Barney's Bicycle up the street for some cross training - buy local folks and we will see what happens. I'm hoping to get into some semblence of running soon so that I can get my buddy Freddie to run with me up at Sheepfold in Stoneham like we used to and maybe start up with some folks out this way..I remember what it was like running with slower folks when I was running consistently so I know this may take some cajoling and bribing:>)

Above pic is of me and my buddy Glen O'Connor eating and drinking after the 1996 Winner Circle New Years Day 10Km...hmm eating and drinking after racing!!