Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Long Road Back..and it is long folks!

Made it ovah to Baba Sushi on Park Avenue tonight and by foot! My buddy Vinnie stopped by and instead of walking to Suney's....we went over to Baba Sushi for some food and drinks.

My neighborhood is not considered one of the more toney ones in Worcester but the reality is that if some folks looking for a real urban living experience would take a chance it could be...from my house on Chandler Street or the one at Dewey & Austin I have easy walking access to some great foodies in Baba Sushi, Haiku, El Basher, Biagio's Grille & Shiraz Armenian Cuisine - and if you really wanna get dirty drunk there is Leitrim's, Suney's & the Pleasant Cafe....matter of fact it can be a fun pub crawl for couples & friends looking to just walk about a neighborhood on a week night-something many in funky cities do all ovah the planet:>).

When one isn't in a drinking or eating night out mood but wants to cook/entertain at home then blocks away is Bahnan's Bakery & Middle Eastern Style Food, Ed Hyder's Mediterranean Marketplace & Living Earth - three fabulous marketplaces that cooks seek out to buy product.

The owner, Wilson of Baba Sushi sets the tone for your experience..and you see & feel it with his staff! Something that stands out besides the friendliness of the staff is that it is made up of many different faces...Asian, African, South American & European decents:>) Cool Stuff for Worcester!

Tonight was special..while in Baba Sushi I actually felt like I was living in a hip urban city, I have been waiting for this feeling for a very long time - 17 years:>).....I had a friend stop by and instead of getting up and driving miles to eat and drink....we just walked around the cornah to a cool foodie like I used to do all the time when I lived outside Harvard Square in Cambridge, Bunkah Hill in Charlestown & Davis Square in Somerville almost every night of the week!

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